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Sept 8, 2015: Initiation — Week 1


Walking a few minutes out of the tourist town of Thamel, I met with more local Kathmandu residents. As expected, many local buildings are in a pretty bad state. Although they are still standing, there are many cracks, with one building itself almost leaning towards me. If another major shake comes again, these structures are quite dangerous.

But people go about their routines as life and business continue. What else can they do? Said one person I spoke to, “This time of the year is the tourist season, normally the place is full of tourists… but this year, not many of them are coming because of the earthquake.” Indeed just what they need now is tourists. There must be so many people out of work now. Hundreds of shops are selling the same items such as T-shirts, bags and blankets. Their colors are faded by sun and dust and look very tired and sad.


I happened to meet a Nepalese lady who was running a school for Dalit (outcaste) children. As soon as I explained about TRE, she said ‘Please come to our school, we all need it”.  So here I come, I will visit them tomorrow. This week is like my initiation to Nepal. Wherever the call comes from, I will go. I fervently hope this initiation will bring TRE to people who desperately need it right now.


  • Paul Darby
    Sep 11, 2015 at 02:56 pm

    Dear Sae!
    love your phrase, “Wherever the call comes from, I will go.”
    I am glad you are in Nepal.


    • Sae
      Sep 11, 2015 at 03:00 pm

      Thanks Paul! Your assistance is greatly appreciated! I’m sure we can do more together!

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