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Sept 9, 2015: Sewa Sedan School


By chance, I met the wonderful lady, Usha Giri. She was brought up in a wealthy Nepalese family without any material struggles. When she went to study in Japan at the age of 18, she learned for the first time the real condition of her home country in terms of its poverty, caste discrimination and lack of education for most poor children. Then at the age of 19, she decided to build a school for poor children, especially Dalit (outcaste). After 20 years, the Sewa Sedan School is one of the best and most academically accomplished schools in the area, with more than 300 children learning there.

Although the school buildings were totally damaged in the earthquake, the earthquake occurred on Saturday, so all children were safe. Previously there were more than 500 children in the school; however now there are only just over 300, as many of them had to move away since the earthquake.

Nine teachers joined in the TRE class in the newly built temporary classroom. The smell of the paint was still strong. They are all very shy and did not know what to expect. Some of them tried to take notes of all my words, but I said ‘Just relax and try to connect with your body’. I noticed that some of them were having difficulties connecting with their feet, not very grounded. While they were experiencing the natural body tremors of the TRE exercises, one lady said ‘oh… is it an earthquake? Can you all feel an earthquake?’ I said ‘Maybe your body was shaking…’ She was puzzled and then laughed. And we all laughed.

After the TRE session, everyone was very calm and peaceful. They said their shoulders were lighter and more relaxed. I promised them that I would come back again in a month, and asked them to continue their practice together. Hopefully they will…. and will see the benefit of TRE and possibly be interested in becoming an instructor for the children in the future.

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