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Sept 11, 2015: Bringing TRE to an International NGO


September 11, 2015

At an International NGO…

FullSizeRenderblog3aToday I was invited to give a TRE session to the staff of an International NGO. The very large and famous NGO now has more than 800 staff in Nepal after the earthquake. Seven people from different specialties, being very curious about TRE, joined in the mellow afternoon session.

Some of them talked about the nightmares they had weeks after the earthquake. One woman described how she still felt scared with little noise and the blackouts every night.

As I also worked in NGO’s for post-disaster response for a decade, I know very well what the personnel have been experiencing in the last four months since the earthquake. They are all Nepalese and their own homes and families are affected by the disaster. But they work everyday for others who are more vulnerable than themselves, and go back home at night and then have to deal with their family matters. They are all exhausted.

One of the goals of HSA’s mission is to deliver this simple but effect stress management tool to people who are working for others after disasters — people such as teachers, medical staff and NGO staff in particular. Unlike international expats who can leave Nepal when the situation gets too intense, these locals are working under extreme pressure and have nowhere to escape to regardless of how intense the situation becomes.

After the session, the participants’ faces were brightened. They shared their experiences during the natural tremor induced by TRE. Many of them noticed that there was a hint of sadness and heaviness at their chest for a little while and then it disappeared. After it disappeared, their shoulders and chests became so light.

“Can you come back again and have a regular practice here?” one aid worker asked me. I said “Yes sure, but how about you become a trainer so you can share this method with others?” His face lit up and eyes shined.

I keep searching for potential candidates to become TRE providers who are local and who can continue to positively impact this country long after we leave.


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