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Sept 14, 2015: Day 1 at Tsoknyi Gechak School


Finally! I’ve arrived in Tsoknyi Gechak Nun’s School, which was my initial motivation for coming to Nepal for the TRE mission.

The village of Chobar is about 1 hour from the capital, Kathmandu, and situated on top of the hill overlooking Kathmandu Valley. There are 116 girls in the school from age 5 to 18 years old. All come from very poor backgrounds and many of them are from Himalayan regions where they must walk more than 10 days to reach the nearest road accessible by cars.

Our volunteer, Gurutama, and I will be working in this school to teach TRE to all the staff as well as to the children, and hopefully some monks and adult nuns. Today was the first day, so we had two classes for the teachers. As usual, I explained the simple theory of TRE before the exercise. There were two Tibetan monk teachers who were so keenly taking notes and listening to my words so attentively through the translator. Many of the teachers still feel the impact from the earthquake and struggle with the feeling of fear, a sense of being overwhelmed, and nervous activation. The girls are so well looked after, smiling and polite. I can imagine how much effort and care is given to these children by the teachers day and night.

In the afternoon session, one young teacher humbly came to us asking if she could be trained as a TRE provider. She came from the village quite close to the epicenter and said she would like to share TRE with her community. Her quiet but determined eyes were telling me how devastated her village must have been. We talked in the session about how the Nepal’s biggest festival, Dashain, will be starting in late October. One of the school staff said, ‘Well, this year, I go back to my village to work on construction. Not much festivity…’
People who are working outside of their village will bring all of their earnings to their homes to help their communities to rebuild themselves.

Starting tomorrow, there will be 3 TRE sessions a day with the teachers. Then next week, we will start with the girls. Can’t wait!!

Construction at Tsonkyi Gechak School

Construction at Tsonkyi Gechak School


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  • Paul Darby
    Sep 16, 2015 at 03:58 pm

    I am glad you are there Sae and that your work is ongoing.
    The picture of the children with the backdrop of the mountains at the Tsonkyi School reminds me of Boulder, Colorado.


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