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Sept 17, 2015: TRE with Lopans

The main aim of the TRE training here is for the students at Tsoknyi Gechak School. However this large temple complex (Gompa) has a college for young nuns and senior nuns who study Dharma with Lopans (graduates of the 9 year Shedra Buddhist studies program)

I wasn’t sure how monks and senior nuns would respond to TRE. I personally assumed that they might compare TRE with their meditation practice and not take TRE seriously.

This assumption was quite invalid. The two male Lopans who teach in the school joined the class and both were very happy with the shaking that is generated by the TRE exercises. The younger Lopan has continuous pain in his joints from hours of sitting practice and takes pain killers for it. I advised him to do TRE after long sitting to loosen up the joints. He was very happy to find a tool to try out instead of just relying on medication.

The older Lopan was not shaking very much in the first session, but in the second session, he experienced deep tremor, and his eyes were peacefully closed with a little smile on his face. He had a deep breath and his tensed shoulders were going down and touching the floor. It was beautiful to see how deep he felt within his body with the natural body tremor. One male staff said after his second session, “ I feel that a little door opened in my brain!” I thought it was such a genuine way to describe his experience!

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