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Oct 1, 2015: Training with the School Nuns


The students’ training is going well and we are now completing our second week with them. It means a total of 7 groups from class 1 to 6 have had one session each week. We are not working with the kindergarten children as they are too young. The body chart and the emotion chart created by the children in the first week have proven to be so useful. The young nuns love putting different color stickers on their emotions and body parts where they experienced body tremors. Some of them became a bit more creative and began putting stickers on the eyes (because they felt sleepy afterwards) or the head (because they felt headache). That is the correct thing to do as these feelings are also the impact of TRE.


All of 85 children experienced good tremors. And none of them experienced emotional flooding, freeze or dissociation. All are surprisingly well grounded. Could this be due to their regular meditation classes, practiced from a young age? Quite a few of them experienced a fear at the first session and said they felt like an earthquake came back again through the body tremors. But at the second session, they all enjoyed the tremors and release. The feedback from the little ones are particularly memorable;

“My heart is open. Happy!”

A few little ones put their hands on their heart and made a gesture of opening heart. It was so sweet and nice.

Some old ones said they had many memories come back from their childhood, and they felt happy.

As for the emotional chart, the negative emotions after the earthquake have dramatically shifted to more positive ones particularly for the small kids. For older ones, there are mixed emotions such as anger, loneliness and guilt. But perhaps these could be because of their sensitive age and some emerging emotions from the past coming to their conscious surface.


It is such a blessing to see the children’s faces change every time as they become more connected to their body and emotions!



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