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Feb. 22 – 26, 2016: First TRE Community Facilitation Training (TRE-CFT) with local NGO Transcultural Psychosocial Organization Nepal (TPO).


Dec 20, 2015: Joan McDonald writes:

I am grateful I am in a position in life to be on this adventure. I find my heart opening each time I walk down the street as little children and older women greet with me with a warm smile of curiosity. I am amazed at Nepali people’s resilience. The devastating earth quake is not

Nov 11, 2015: Tsum Youth Society

This mission to Tsum lower valley was made possible because Tsum Youth Society invited me to be there. Tsum Youth Society ( is a local NGO established by a group of young people who study or work in Kathmandu with the aim of helping to develop Tsum Valley. You saw already in the previous blogs

Oct 20, 2015: TRE with the Village Women

The women in the village were only available at 9 p.m. for TRE class. They get up 5:30, make fire, and boil hot water for the first tea for the family. Then they cook, wash, look after animals, make preserved food, thresh barley and millet and powder it for winter.… endless work. They carry a

Oct 20, 2015: TRE with the Village Men

TRE with the village men The villagers are working really hard. Since the earthquake, the main trekking path has vanished and now they are getting on to repair whatever they can in order to be able access other settlements. That is the priority even before rebuilding their houses. Unless the path is reconnected, no materials

Oct 17, 2015: Lower Tsum Valley, Ripche and Chumling

The helicopter departed from Kathmandu airport an hour late. Viewed from the helicopter, Kathmandu city looked overcrowded and chaotic. But within 10 minutes of flight, we gained altitude and after getting over one mountain and then another, the view suddenly changed. There were endless terraced fields clinging onto the surfaces of the mountains. Small houses

Oct 8, 2015: Last Training Day at Tsoknyi Gechak School

The last training was absolutely full house! We were packed with children and nuns not wanting to leave the room. Continuous ‘Thank You’s’ and lots of lots of smiles. Some kids seemed to want to be affectionate but were shy. When I said with open arms, ‘Do you want hugs?’ All said ‘Yeeeeeesss!’ and jumped

Oct 1, 2015: Training with the School Nuns

The students’ training is going well and we are now completing our second week with them. It means a total of 7 groups from class 1 to 6 have had one session each week. We are not working with the kindergarten children as they are too young. The body chart and the emotion chart created

Sept 23, 2015: Starting with the Kids

Today was the first day with the students of classes 4, 5 and 6. Instead of our usual approach of discussing the theory and teaching the exercises, we started with asking the children questions about their feelings. “How did you feel when the earthquake happened?” They answered “I was afraid” “I was scared” Then I

Sept 17, 2015: With the Nuns

As for adult nuns, more than 20 of them joined us in two separate classes. We were informed before that some of them had very traumatic backgrounds and some were very affected by the earthquake. So we prepared ourselves to take extra care when receiving them. They all listened very attentively and paid great attention

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