Sept 17, 2015: TRE with Lopans

The main aim of the TRE training here is for the students at Tsoknyi Gechak School. However this large temple complex (Gompa) has a college for young nuns and senior nuns who study Dharma with Lopans (graduates of the 9 year Shedra Buddhist studies program) I wasn’t sure how monks and senior nuns would respond

Sept 14, 2015: Day 1 at Tsoknyi Gechak School

Finally! I’ve arrived in Tsoknyi Gechak Nun’s School, which was my initial motivation for coming to Nepal for the TRE mission. The village of Chobar is about 1 hour from the capital, Kathmandu, and situated on top of the hill overlooking Kathmandu Valley. There are 116 girls in the school from age 5 to 18

Sept 11, 2015: Bringing TRE to an International NGO

  September 11, 2015 At an International NGO… Today I was invited to give a TRE session to the staff of an International NGO. The very large and famous NGO now has more than 800 staff in Nepal after the earthquake. Seven people from different specialties, being very curious about TRE, joined in the mellow

Sept 9, 2015: Sewa Sedan School

By chance, I met the wonderful lady, Usha Giri. She was brought up in a wealthy Nepalese family without any material struggles. When she went to study in Japan at the age of 18, she learned for the first time the real condition of her home country in terms of its poverty, caste discrimination and

Sept 8, 2015: Initiation — Week 1

Walking a few minutes out of the tourist town of Thamel, I met with more local Kathmandu residents. As expected, many local buildings are in a pretty bad state. Although they are still standing, there are many cracks, with one building itself almost leaning towards me. If another major shake comes again, these structures are quite dangerous. But people go

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